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Jack T. Vigil - Harmonix CEO

Jack T. Vigil – CEO/President

Jack T. Vigil founded Harmonix Technologies in 2005, and has served as CEO and President since that time. Mr. Vigil founded the company on the principle of customer service and attention to detail. He demands attention to detail and believes that every project must be completed to the T. One key area of interest to Mr. Vigil is his concentration on the design engineering division. With a degree in Electronics from New Mexico State, Vigil has an insatiable drive to understand and integrate unique IP enterprise technologies. As a manager, accountant, salesman and leader, he believes in ability, effort, reward, people – and fun.

Prior to founding Harmonix Technologies, Jack spent ten years within the value added re-seller space, where he played a major role in the late 1990’s networking convergence revolution. Jack has been involved in data networking his entire career and began at the physical layer and moved his way up to a full understanding of the application layer.

Harmonix Technologies, Inc. is a fast growing Engineering Firm founded in 2005 by Jack T. Vigil, a Layer 3 Network Engineer. The owner and founder is originally from Northern New Mexico in a town near Taos, named Penasco. Immediately following high school graduation, Jack enlisted in the United States Army and after serving the country he was honorably discharged. Jack attended Northern New Mexico Community College, for which he was the recipient of one of the only two scholarships given to students in New Mexico. Jack was an accelerated student and completed his degree requirements in a fraction of the time. He obtained his degree in Electronics Engineering and has since been certified in various networking protocol, programming languages, and database applications.

Jack has worked with Fortune 1000 Engineering Firms, and by the age of 23, was one of the youngest Minority Vice Presidents in the United States. He later moved his career to a local, on the rise engineering practice in New Mexico. While employed at that company, Jack was the highest grossing Sales Executive in the industry in 2003.

In the summer of 2005, Vigil fulfilled his aspirations of establishing a technology business and founded Harmonix Technologies, Inc. as a small consulting firm grossing about $250,000 in the first year of business working primarily with New Mexico’s school districts. Jack was the only employee during the first year of business and has since grown the organization to include an Executive Vice President who is also a partner of the firm, two Managers, and several Engineers and Administration support personnel. Harmonix Technologies is the only corporation in New Mexico to possess national distributorships from both Avaya, Inc. and ShoreTel, Inc, and is the only locally owned business with a Diamond Dealership from Extreme Networks. In 2008, Jack was honored to receive an award as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. In union with his own professional accomplishments, Harmonix Technologies was ranked the #1 Service Provider for E-rate Funding in 2007, and has received multiple recognitions and awards locally and nationally.

Harmonix Technologies is a “Debt-Free” Company without any outstanding business loans or liabilities. In 2007, Harmonix Technologies purchased an office building in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has since purchased a fleet of company vehicles, including a Freightliner. The Corporation ended 2007 with over $3.5 million dollars in gross profit and increasing in 400% of revenue in just over 2 years of business. 2008 was even better with just under $5 million in sales and services.

Jack is a member of San Ysidro Parish in Corrales, NM, and is dedicated to his team. In the beginning stages of Harmonix, the team collectively began calling him by the nickname “The General” due to his strategic planning skills, his ability to negotiate and lead his team daily and his inspirational “Wise Words” shared weekly on the conference room whiteboard. The name has since stuck and even his own Dad uses the term of endearment.  In addition to his dedication to his field, Jack enjoys studying history’s greatest leaders, race car driving and spending time mentoring students. He strives to master the skill of meditation that he acquired while studying in the orient with Eastern Grandmasters and Monks. He contributes a great deal of his success to his late Grandfather, John and his parents, Ray and Mary Vigil.  

Our CEO, Jack Vigil Was Featured As A Top CEO In The Albuquerque Business First! 


2008 SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Region VI (NM, AR, LA, OK, TX)

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2013 Business First Most Outstanding 40 under 40 Winner!

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“In the Harmonix culture, perfection is just the beginning, with a masterpiece in mind.”

– Jack T. Vigil, Founder