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Whether you represent a higher education institution seeking solutions to enable the expansion of your educational reach and new ways of teaching and collaborating, or you are associated with K-12 and looking to get the most from your existing networks and funding, you need solutions specifically designed for the Education Industry. The educational partnership we are proposing is based upon long-term strategic planning.

By looking past single year budget cycles and leveraging all available funding sources, districts can more effectively leverage technology budgets. Harmonix Technologies and its partners have worked successfully in the K-12 funding and technology space for over ten years. The main elements to this success have been starting with a high level view of the district, assessing the needs of all stakeholders, looking beyond single fiscal year budgets, and firmly defining the success criteria.

By combining our knowledge of information systems with proven approaches, methodologies, and processes, we are able to successfully complete multi-faceted projects. Educators now have a unique opportunity to formalize an agreement to take their educational technology access and support levels to the next plateau. Selecting Harmonix as your partner enables your school to confidently make long-term plans centered around proven instructional and funding strategies, as well as effective project methods, increased knowledge transfer, and mentoring. This is all designed to improve access and support for your school’s staff and students.