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Universal access to quality education for student achievement is a priority for educators and parents. Harmonix Technologies is committed to supporting quality education, and offers a wealth of technological solutions and customized programs that are designed to enhance the K-12 student learning experience. Harmonix solutions are scalable and flexible, to support schools as their needs grow and change. We understand the unique requirements of technology within the K-12 Space and we work with you to leverage a select those technologies that deliver tangible value to students, teachers and parents.

Delivering Solutions that Make the Grade
Harmonix Technologies account teams work with schools to develop customized communications solutions, taking the confusion out of technology. Harmonix can address educators’ particular requirements for designing and implementing network and technology solutions. Harmonix is well versed in the geographic and financial barriers that schools encounter.

Harmonix Technologies is at the forefront in working with education communities. Our commitment to educators, parents and students is to ensure the design and implementation of multifunctional, sustainable and economical network models in order to prepare today’s students to be productive, employable citizens in tomorrow’s workplace. These network models should be interactive and use high-speed, high-capacity multiservice products that will allow educators to guide the learning process by incorporating video, information and education services.

Harmonix Technologies’ ability to partner with other vendors enables us to offer complete solutions; this is our competitive differentiator and advantage. We partner with only specialized VAR resellers. This insures that we match the best installation services with the best in class manufacturer products all under the umbrella of Harmonix’s Project Management.