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Receive federal funding of 20% – 90% for the cost of eligible telecommunications services for your students.

What is E-Rate?
E-rate is a formal, federal program administered by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) under the FCC. The E-rate program is funded at $2.25B annually, and provides eligible schools and libraries funding in three categories of service: Telecommunications Services, Internet Access and Internal Connections. With E-rate, your institution may be eligible to receive between a 20%-90% discount on the cost of these services from participating eligible service providers. Your school or library can then apply those E-rate savings towards other education objectives such as computer purchases, software and staff training. Harmonix Technologies is authorized and able to offer solutions in all three funding categories.

How Does E-Rate Work?
School and library applicants must apply annually for E-rate discounts in accordance with the rules of the program. These discounts are typically calculated based on the number of students eligible for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) within the school or school district and the school’s designation as urban or rural.

The Schools and Libraries Division reviews applications and makes funding commitments to eligible schools and libraries based upon their use of ‘eligible products and services by eligible entities at eligible locations for eligible purposes.’ Full program rules and description, as well as all forms and a listing of E-rate eligible products and services can be found on the SLD web site.