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Interactive Voice Response Solutions

Absentee Tracker: IVR and speech recognition applications that automatically notifies parents when their child is absent. Unanswered calls are noted for follow-up.

Hotlines: IVR application that provides automatic call-in announcements about immunizations, school events, lunch menus, and registration.
Benefit: Improves communication of important information to the community.

Education Router: Automated attendant IVR application that gives callers access to staff members and delivers customized announcements such as reports of weather-related closings and school events.
Benefit: Enables districts and schools to maximize resources because fewer attendants are needed to handle incoming calls.

Quality Survey: IVR application that allows districts to create automated dial-in surveys that prompt the callers to respond to a series of pre-recorded questions using their touch-tone phone.
Benefit: Helps districts to easily monitor public opinion.

Substitute Teacher Tracker: IVR application that allows teachers to call into the system and enter lesson plans for days they will be absent. The system searches the database for substitutes, automatically places calls, confirms acceptance, and notifies the principal by fax or phone of the results.
Benefit: Helps administrators plan for and track teacher replacements.