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Step 1. Prepare Technology Plan
Applicant prepares a Technology Plan which must be formally approved.

Step 2. File FCC Form 470 “Description of Services Requested and Certification”
Applicant files this form, usually electronically, listing services requested and bidding and contact information. Form 470 is posted to SLD web site in order for the school to receive and review competitive bids. The SLD has a link for on-line filing.

Step 3. Receive bids during 28-day competitive bidding period
The Form 470 must be posted to the SLD web site for a minimum of 28 days to allow all interested service providers to bid on the applicant’s Form 470 and /or detailed RFP. The SLD sends the applicant a Form 470 Receipt Acknowledgement Letter that advises the applicant of the Allowable Contract Date. The applicant should not sign any contracts prior to the Allowable Contract Date or they will have jeopardized approval to receive E-rate funding.

Step 4. File Form 471 “Service Ordered and Certification”
Applicant files this form with SLD during a specified filing “window” each funding year, generally early November to early February. The applicant uses the Form 471 to identify the products/services and service provider they have selected based upon bids received to their Form 470 posting. The applicant also specifies the E-rate funding they are requesting for the products/service/pricing selected.

Step 5. Receive Receipt Acknowledgement Letter (RAL) from SLD
Applicant and selected service providers receive a Form 471 confirmation letter from the SLD. This is the applicant’s opportunity to verify the accuracy of the information and make any necessary corrections within the required timeframe

Step 6. Await SLD’s review of Form 471
SLD processes the Form 471. SLD may contact the applicant if there is a problem with data entry of the forms or to verify the eligibility of the services.

Step 7. Receive Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL)
SLD approves/denies Form 471 funding request via a FCDL. Requests are assigned a Funding Request Number (FRN) and funded $$ amount. SLD sends the FCDL notification to the applicant and affected service provider(s).

Step 8. File Form 486 “Receipt of Service Confirmation Form”
The Applicant files this form with the SLD to confirm delivery of services from their service provider and also to certify compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) as required by law.

Step 9. Receive E-rate discounts or reimbursements from the Service Provider
SLD notifies the affected service provider when it approves an applicant’s Form 486. At this point Harmonix Technologies will begin providing E-rate billing discounts or signing Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (Form 472) forms. All forms and complete instructions are located on the SLD web site.