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The Government Need
“We have a tremendous opportunity to make the government more efficient and responsive through online technology or “eGovernment”, said President Bush in an interview.

The top priorities of the U.S. federal government reflect today’s global challenges: beefing up homeland and enterprise security, integrating defense systems, strategically managing human capital, and e-enabling operations to spur internal efficiency and effectiveness. Focus remains on implementing President Bush’s 24 e-government initiatives, which aim to improve service to the citizens, streamline the business of government, improve inter-agency communications, and reduce redundant, stove-piped systems.

Our vision is a citizen-centered, customer-focused government. We help agencies run with efficiency, accountability, and citizen service as their goals. We work with agencies to develop communication systems that enhance self help applications to the public, and free up time for government workers to address other issues. Harmonix Technologies can help your organization transform itself to address today’s challenges and meet the President’s Management Agenda. From business process consulting, to implementing the IT solution that delivers the greatest ROI, we work with you to discover what applications will drive real value to your department. The Harmonix Federal Team works with a large number of agencies to support the transformation of the federal government into a Networked Virtual Organization. Our initiatives include speech to text recognition systems, communication and document management, IP Surveillance Systems, video collaborations initiatives and overall network security.

Harmonix Technologies and the Government
Harmonix Technologies has solutions that enable government agencies to place their forms online, while securely delivering, managing and processing the forms – including applications, permits and licenses – via the Internet. Unlike most solutions on the market today, Harmonix manages the entire continuum of digital content delivery, including data acquisition, online delivery and routing, user authentication, integration of data with existing databases and legacy systems, and data sharing between agencies. Harmonix can help government agencies achieve legislative compliance with the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA) (USA) and e-Sign Act (USA) while taking advantage of vast eCommerce efficiencies and savings.