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Time is money and minimizing non-billable hours while controlling expenses is essential to managing a successful law office. Endless rounds of missed calls and follow-up calls are not only unproductive, they can project an image of antiquated technology and out-of-date customer service.

Law Firm Solutions
At Harmonix Technologies, we acknowledge that business value must drive the evaluation and adaptation of technology—which is why we strive for a broader understanding of your business and processes in order to identify which new technologies will add value to your company and which of your current technologies are appropriate to leave in place.

Single Personal Number
One contact number allows you to take control of your communications. When your communication system automatically forwards to your wireless phone, home phone or even software based phone on your laptop, you automatically reduce missed calls and wasted time in attempts to reach your clients later. Of course, this is easily modifiable throughout your day so that your calls follow you when and where needed.

Centralized Messaging
Centralized Messaging will drop voice mail messages into your email box—allowing you to
access your messages from any laptop or PDA and play back your voice mails via your sound card. You can easily move the voice mail messages into your email folders that you have established, keeping all the documentation centralized and accessible. Faxes can be routed to your PDA and laptop as an incoming email, giving you immediate access to required documents immediately.