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State and Local Government
For government agencies and institutions, homeland security and a reliable communications infrastructure have never been more important. Access to information and network security are critical for your agency to function smoothly and serve its constituents more efficiently. Harmonix Technologies offers solutions that can help you find, use, and share information more securely and cost-effectively than ever before. Learn more about our services that are tailored to meet state and local government communications requirements, and to help you reach your communication goals. Faced with demanding budgets and challenged to provide more services with fewer resources, many state and local governments are looking toward building multi-service solutions that use networking technology to bridge the gap between resources and expectations. They are moving towards eGovernment networks that consolidate multiple networks onto a converged infrastructure. They are also migrating multiple applications such as voice, data, and video onto consolidated networks. These networks are providing everything from video arraignments and IP surveillance, to CRM applications used to track end-users.

Harmonix understands eGovernment Trends, and offers products and services that assist State and Local Governments in utilizing technology for cost savings and productivity enhancements. These solutions create greater value for government agencies by spanning data, video, and telephone requirements and integrating customer care applications which allow citizens to access government resources and conduct transactions online.