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The Data Center is at the heart of operations for practically every organization in the world today.  From Healthcare to Education, from Financial Services to Manufacturing – the quality, speed and efficiency at which these many vertical markets function have a direct correlation to the foundation of technology on which they are built. 

Data Center Virtualization is a critical component to achieve consistent and effective IT service delivery within an organization.  Its origin began nearly two decades ago with the advent and patent of x86 virtualization technologies by VMware, Inc.  And currently, more than 500,000 customers have virtualized their Data Center Infrastructure with VMware.  Needless to say, virtualization is prevalent in every Data Center and every new Data Center design being implemented today.

Density in compute and storage resources as well as the speed of network transport are at an unprecedented level.  Hyper-convergence of the compute and storage layers has achieved massive scalability and modularity in infrastructure design.  And with an ever-increasing reliance on the Data Center to service the operations of organizations worldwide, the modern challenge is now how we design, implement and manage Data Center resources effectively.

The answer to this challenge?  The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).  Building upon the fundamentals of virtualization (resource abstraction, pooling and automation) the SDDC transformationally shifts the focus of IT organizations from managing underlying hardware and network resources to lock-step alignment with business and operational goals.  Coupled with cloud services, IT organizations are now able to deliver any application to any device securely, and to any location in the world.  The Data Center is not just responsible for back end processing anymore, but is now used to provide complete end-user environment including desktop delivery and application management – all with the reliability and agility of enterprise infrastructure.

Harmonix Technologies specializes in delivering advanced hyper-converged solutions for Data Center and Desktop Virtualization infrastructure, allowing your organization to operate predictably and scale with the growing demands in education, healthcare and industry.  Contact us today to discuss solutions that can benefit your organization’s needs!

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