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IP Surveillance Solutions using IP Cameras have been identified as an “Enterprise Impacting” solution by us here at Harmonix Technologies. We believe that these solutions deliver a tangible ROI in both the short and long-term for our clients. IP Camera Solutions are ideal for sharing high-quality video streams over existing computer networks. Superior to analog video solutions, surveillance using IP Cameras means reliable and distributed access to the recording of high-quality digital images, and improved functionality and cost. Our experience is that an IP Surveillance solution is 30-40 percent less expensive to deploy than a traditional analog system.

Well known research companies all report that the convergence from analog towards digital video observation systems is unstoppable. US based research company J.P. Freeman predicted that 50% of all cameras that would be sold in 2008 would be digital network cameras. These fast changes are driven by the large benefits that can be gathered, and costs that can be saved. IMS Research states in its report that advantages in terms of flexibility and efficiency of a surveillance system with digital network cameras are mainly generated by a video management application for management and playback of video streams.