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What if you could have a modern, state-of-the-art surveillance system which…

  • Could track visitors to the campus?
  • Could ensure the safety of staff and pupils during school hours?
  • Helped reduce willful damage to school property, thereby cutting the school’s refurbishment costs and delivering a measurable return on investment?


With an IP network video solution all this is possible.
IP Digital Surveillance systems have the advantage of being highly cost- effective: installation costs are low since the need for dedicated cables is vastly reduced and the system can be run on existing computers. The equipment has low maintenance costs and images can be stored on computer hard disks, which is a neat, cost effective storage solution. As IP Surveillance network products make use of modern digital technology, you are sure to get plenty of use out of the investments you make today. Which means that, no matter whether you are choosing a surveillance system for a junior school, a high school or an institute of higher education, you’ll find an solution that fits the bill.


Reliable Systems For School Safety
Students, parents and teachers concerned by the threat of harassment or violence will be comforted by the presence of reliable network cameras in the school’s public spaces. This includes external areas such as walkways between buildings as well as internal ones such restaurants and school corridors.

Outside school hours, the same surveillance system can be used to remotely monitor school property and deter vandalism. A sophisticated, built-in motion detection system can generate an alarm, which automatically transmits images to your security operators giving them accurate, up-to-the-minute information upon which to base their decisions.

Another interesting area of application for this technology is remote learning. A video network video solution can be used to make attending lectures “at a distance” a viable option for students who are unable to attend lectures in person.[/vc_column_text]