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Mobility has become the major push driving IT Managers to make changes impacting the IT Infrastructure. Mobile communications are changing the way people do business. End users are demanding the flexibility to work from home seamlessly with access to all company information across a secure VPN Connection. This requirement is being pushed further with remote call center agents working from home, home office employees, and requests to cut costs in terms of travel to work or to client sites.

To deliver the highest levels of service and remain competitive, organizations today need the ability for employees to access voice, e-mail, and fax messages easily, as well as VPN Access to Data bases, a single contact number to reach associates, and the same communication features wherever they are working – on the road, at home, or in the office.

The mobile workplace creates opportunities for increased productivity, empowering organizations to conduct business as usual any time, anywhere. The Harmonix Team of specialists can help you recognize the benefits of this changing business environment, and how to best integrate mobility into your existing network infrastructure.