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The explosive growth of wireless networks gives the end-users of mobile devices the “always on” experience. Harmonix Technologies realizes that small, medium and large businesses have various Information Technology (IT) needs with wireless-mobility quickly rising to the top. The demand for ubiquitous access to applications and content while on the move requires trained and certified engineering expertise. Harmonix is equipped to plan, design and implement many variants of secure wireless mobility solutions.

The emergence of (802.11N) is poised to provide larger bandwidth to clients that will be magnitudes greater than the current range of mobile networks like (802.11G) this will enable the end-user to move to a 300 Meg Wireless connection while moving on their Laptop. Harmonix has designed and implemented many Wireless Networks that support both the 802.11N 300 Meg solutions and the older ABG Clients within the same mesh.

Harmonix is involved in saving our client on their cell bills through handing off the cell phones to the Wireless LAN and out the PSTN resulting in savings on the coverall cellular bills of up to 40 percent. Harmonix offers a complete range of Wireless LAN products and services. All of our solutions take into account security and the optimum deployment of access points to ensure that your staff can securely access the LAN from wherever they are on site.