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The ability for organizations to share information and collaborate on decisions is critical for success in today’s competitive environment. Effective collaboration means better decision-making. The issue is: how to communicate more effectively while reducing costs. The solution is: videoconferencing technology.

Harmonix works with your organization to deploy a customized video solution that meets your current and future needs. We leverage our business skills in conjunction with a deep understanding of networking technologies to develop the right video solution for your business. As networking experts, we assure that your network infrastructure supports an IP video solution while lowering overall costs. We recommend tailored video solutions that support your business vision, strategy and objectives. And, if you are currently operating an ISDN-based system, we can help you develop a seamless IP video migration plan.

Using a proven methodology and our experience deploying some of the nation’s most advanced networks, we can assure that your video solution will be deployed on-time and within budget. By partnering with leading providers of IP videoconferencing solutions such as Tandberg and Radvision, we ensure the implementation of the best possible suite of IP video products and services.