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The adoption of video within the enterprise has been steadily growing for years. Early applications of video in the enterprise primarily focused on entertainment (TV broadcast in a lobby or break room) or surveillance/monitoring (company hallways/parking lots). As video and the corporation have evolved however, these few applications have grown in importance and spawned new applications that drive business growth today.

Within the enterprise, there are often many drivers that affect the introduction of technology platforms. Business drivers that impact the utilization of video and technology in the enterprise include:

  • Cost effective solutions that leverage current technology assets & limit or reduce support costs
  • Increase virtual office (telecommuter) capabilities
  • Provided that the criteria for business and technology drivers are met, the search begins and ends with Harmonix Technologies’ Interactive Video Network(IVN)
  • Standardization of technology platforms
  • Reducing the amount of technology complexity
  • Open-systems architecture