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Why IP Video Distribution?
Though there are many drivers for the adoption of video in the enterprise, many executives are reviewing the soft costs of utilizing simple user interface solutions to increase technology acceptance and improve the penetration of corporate programming. To highlight this point, several popular video distribution business applications are noted below:

Video/Digital Signage:
IP video networks support video distribution from industry-leading Digital Video Signage products such as the Aavelin system viewable on both TV & PC monitors, plasma screens and conference room projectors

Training/Personnel Compliance:
Video-based classroom and Internet training to update personnel skills and provide training via VCR, DVD, etc. to government employees in compliance with corporate/agency guidelines

Advertising/Marketing Communications:
Leverage video content both internally and externally to advertise corporate messaging via interactive or static video programming. IVN provides a flexible and scalable platform where video can be delivered in an uncompressed format, via IP, or encoded into a Windows Media or Real Networks media file. This flexibility allows organizations to engage virtual office employees, customers and partners.

Business Video Directory:
With video distribution, you can create a video directory that links your organization to supply chain partners, manufacturers, and customers, simply allowing you to click on the person’s icon and engage them in a video conversation to discuss new marketing programs, partner training, or sales strategies.

Desktop Conferencing:
With the flexibility of Harmonix Technologies’ Video Distribution Platform multiple conferencing options from 1-way video broadcasts to multi-party conferencing are possible.

Visual Call Center/Video ACD (Automatic Call Distributor):
In an effort to increase customer service, Harmonix Video Distributions Solution allows organizations to integrate video call functionality into a support hierarchy. Video calls can be placed to an operator or ‘Help Desk’ number and then routed to the first person available or placed in a queue for a more specialized response.

In-Room Presentation Device Control:
AMX Power Tilt, Modero, or an equivalent touch-panel solution are used to manage and control in room devices (i.e. VCRs, DVD players, DAT decks, etc.)

PDA / Bluetooth Integration:
The video distribution network supports streamed video to video-enabled PDA’s and Bluetooth devices to extend the reach of your Distance Learning application

IP-based Control and Scheduling:
Virtually all operations of the VBX video network can be controlled and managed by user and administrative controls that communicate to the servers and other controllers via TCP/IP. The only scheduling function that may be valuable to corporations is the scheduling of video encoders to capture a particular video clip or some video content for archival purposes