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The decision to incorporate new and innovative technologies will have a direct and significant impact on the existing communications infrastructure. Adding voice or video to your current network infrastructure will expose any deficiencies in your current environment. Harmonix Technologies believes that carefully researching and documenting the existing network environment will ensure the success of the integration of the new IP Application

Our teams will:

  • Determine if your data infrastructure can support the integration of IP telephony
  • Review your existing network topology and determine potential bottlenecks
  • Analyze the impact of voice and/or video
  • Communications
  • Provide detailed drawings and inventory of the existing infrastructure

The Voice Impact Study

The Voice Impact Study is a proactive service to help you prepare for the impact of convergence on you existing communications and data infrastructure. Harmonix Technologies will provide detailed information regarding the impact of voice/video/data integration on your network by helping you to understand:

  • Bandwidth, response times and potential delays
  • The effect data traffic will have on voice or video applications and vice versa
  • Voice gateway trunking required to support IP Telephony
  • The requirement of Layer 3 switching
  • Physical Layer Structured Cabling Requirements (Category 6)
  • Trunk requirements, potential capacity, data topology issues and utilization analysis

On existing LANs and for multiple site customers, the impact on WAN communication links:

  • Recommend changes to the network configuration to optimize your data network efficiency
  • Right size your WAN PSTN Capacity
  • Allow flexibility to assess any sized network, whether single site, multiple site, or enterprise

We offer Voice Readiness Assessments in three varieties:

  • Single Site LAN Assessment
  • Multiple Site LAN/WAN Assessment
  • Enterprise LAN/WAN Assessment