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Why Choose Harmonix?

Here at Harmonix Technologies, we employ a full staff of technical specialists that are able to design and implement all products and services we offer, as well as train our clients on how to utilize their new technology. We have a full technical lab at our headquarters in Albuquerque, and we do not deploy any implementation projects without fully staging our product and testing it. Our engineers have an extensive knowledge base with over 20 years of experience collectively. The company’s founder, Jack T. Vigil, is an Engineer by trade and specializes in providing customized technology designs tailored to our customer’s IT needs.


Vigilant Security

Harmonix Technologies offers our clients an IP manageable application, allowing the network to be monitored by Harmonix’s Certified Engineers or by the client. Vigilant Security applications assist the client in monitoring all activity on their premises.


Vigilant OnPoint

Harmonix Technologies offers OnPoint, a customer-client dashboard, which allows Harmonix and the client to monitor the customer’s networks remotely.


Vigilant Maintenance

Harmonix Technologies offers Vigilant Maintenance, an umbrella of services that focus on remote and/or onsite technical support by a qualified technical staff member to assist our clients with their network needs, from desktop support to infrastructure.